Friday, February 15, 2013

The dark of day: life in a Jakarta urban slum

In the mornings, Neng helps her mum on the family food stall
© UNICEF/Indonesia 2012/Andy Brown
Neng is fourteen years old. She lives and works on Venus Alley, a lane in the notorious Jembatan Besi slum in Jakarta, Indonesia. Unlike other children her age, she rarely gets to see the sun. The slum is one of the most densely populated in Indonesia, rising to four stories in places. The ground floor homes are reasonably well constructed but as they ascend, they become increasingly makeshift, with walls and floors made from wood and scrap metal.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

In remote, winter-blasted regions of Mongolia, inclusive education for children

Marun stands in front of her school's dorm which is so far from her home.
© UNICEF Mongolia/2012/Dolan
KHUVSGUL, Mongolia – The Khuvsgul region of northern Mongolia is a land of mountains, yurts, nomads and herds.

Reaching children in the remote communities of Khuvsgul is challenging. Roads are rough tracks that often change throughout the year, depending on the season. Families are isolated and poor. Many of them herd animals for their livelihoods, and children are expected to work.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mothers learn importance of breastfeeding

Hao was encouraged to breastfeed her son by a village health worker
© UNICEF Viet Nam/2013/Truong Viet Hung
Nguyen Anh Dao, 24, breastfeeds her four-month-old daughter, Minh Anh, at her home in Binh Thanh Dong commune, An Giang province. Minh Anh is strong and healthy. Although she is only four months old, she can already stand up in her mother’s lap. “I started breastfeeding in the health centre where I gave birth,” Dao says. “The doctor put the baby on my breast after delivery. Afterwards, the village health worker talked to me about breast milk. She told me that it contains good nutrients and is best for my baby’s health.”

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A festive time of year… an Australian Youth Ambassador for Development (AYAD) in Bangkok

By Anna Richardson, an Australian Youth Ambassador for Development (AYAD) with UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office, Bangkok

My work mates at EAPRO; Vijaya, Lori, Me and Dominik.
Over December and January there was no usual “shut down” over the holiday season. Only Christmas day and New Years’ day off at the East Asia and the Pacific Office.  Aid and development work doesn’t really stop for holidays does it?!